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Alumni Awards

The Mount Sinai Alumni Association Awards


The Mount Sinai Alumni Special Recognition Award

Awarded yearly since 1996, The Mount Sinai Alumni Special Recognition Award acknowledges and thanks individuals (physicians and non-physicians) who have provided exceptional service to the Alumni Association.
Past Recipients:
Gerald Friedman, MD, PhD
Lynn Kasner Morgan
Gary Rosenberg, PhD
Sidney Sass
Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Zimmerman
Andrew Heinemen
Nathan Kase, MD
Allen Unger, MD
David Coddon, MD
Cyndi Gruber
Jay Cohen
Leon Pordy, MD
Mark Imberman, MD
Victor Herbert, MD, JD
Inez Greenstadt
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Moss
Albert S. Lyons, MD
Arthur H. Aufses, Jr. MD
Samuel L. Guillory, MD
Barbara Niss
Barry Stimmel, MD
Alvin Teirstein, MD
Sandra K. Masur, PhD
Anthony Squire, MD
William G. Stein, MD
Leslie Schneier, MBA, MPH
2011  Phyllis Schnepf, MS
2012 Elliot Rayfield, MD 
2013 Lloyd Mayer, MD
2016  Marvin Gilbert, MD 
2017 Ira Eliasoph, MD, MSH '58
  Albert M. Lefkovits, MD,
 MSH '67

The Mount Sinai Alumni Award for Achievement in Medical Education

Established in 2001, The Mount Sinai Alumni Award for Achievement in Medical Education honors physicians who have made major contributions to the field of medical education.
Past Recipients:
Barry Stimmel, MD
Mark Swartz, MD
Terry Krulwich, PhD
Larry Smith, MD
Rosamond Rhodes, PhD
Jeffrey Laitman, PhD
Arthur I. Cederbaum, PhD
Joseph Goldfarb, PhD
2010 Michael L. Marin, MD
Daniel P. Perl, MD
2011 Scott H. Barnett, MD
Andy S. Jagoda, MD
2012 Gerald Friedman, MD
Adam I. Levine, MD
2013 Jerome Waye, MD
2014 Herbert S. Sherry, MD
2016  Leslie Kerr, MD

Daniel M. Maklansky, MD,

 MSH '62

  Marita S. Teng, MD, MSH '04

The J. Lester Gabrilove Award

This award is named in honor of Lester Gabrilove, MD, one of the most beloved and outstanding physicians in our school's history. The award recognizes a career of proven and continued excellence in clinical or basic research by a member of the Mount Sinai family.


Past Recipients:


Irving J. Selikoff, MD 
1990 Simon Dack, MD
1991 James F. Holland, MD

Richard Gorlin, MD

1993 Fenton Schaffner, MD


Melvin Yahr, MD
1995 Henry D. Janowitz, MD 
1996 Yale Nemerson, MD
1997 Barry S. Coller, MD
1998 Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD
1999 Mark L. Urken, MD
2000 Jacob Churg, MD
2001 Kurt Hirschhorn, MD
2002 Sherwin Wilk, MD
2003 Robert Desnick, MD, PhD
2004 Bernard Cohen, MD
2005 Philip Landrigan, MD, M.Sc.
2006 Peter Palese, PhD
2010 Fenton Mlodzik
2011 Derek LeRoith, MD, PhD
2012 Lisa Satlin, MD
2013 Ravi Iyengar, PhD
2014 Bruce D. Gelb, MD
2016  Eric Nestler, MD, PhD
2017 Peter R. Dottino, MD, MSH '85


The Dr. Sidney Grossman Distinguished Humanitarian Award

The Dr. Sidney Grossman Distinguished Humanitarian Award honors those who have shown extraordinary service and inspirational leadership to others.
Thomas Von Essen, former Commissioner of the New York City Fire Department, was the first recipient of the award, in recognition of his decades of devotion to ensuring the safety of the people of New York.  The award pays special tribute to the Commissioner's extraordinary courage, composure, and leadership during the September 11 tragedy.

Past Recipients:
2002  Thomas Von Essen
Maria L. Padilla, MD
Angela Diaz, MD, MPH
Judith E. Nelson, MD
Diane E. Meier, MD
2010 Arthur H. Aufses Jr., MD
2011 Jeffrey S. Freed, MD
2012 Lynne D. Richardson, MD
2013 Jean Crystal
2014 Nanette K. Wenger, MD
2016  Lester Silver, MD
2017 Annie Sparrow, MD

The Saul Horowitz, Jr. Memorial Award

This award was established in June 1978 to honor the memory of Saul Horowitz, Jr., a longtime devoted trustee of The Mount Sinai Hospital and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. This award is given to physicians who, by virtue of outstanding achievements since graduation, has made or shows promise of making significant contributions as a teacher, investigator, and/or practitioner in the field of medicine.

Past Recipients: 
1978 Kenneth Davis, MD, '73
1979 Jeffrey S. Flier, MD '72
1980 Heidi Weissman nee Seitelbaum, MD '74
1981 Eric Prystowsky, MD '73
1982 Jeffrey P. Koplan, MD '70
1983 Arthur Frank, MD, PhD '72
1984 Mark Swartz, MD '73
1985 Steven Grant, MD '73
1986 Lloyd Mayer, MD '76
1987 Steven B. Heymsfield, MD '71
1988 John Morihisa, MD '76
1989 Ernst Schaefer, MD '72
  Janice L. Gabrilove, MD '77
1990 David S. Baskin, MD '78
  Steven S. Thacker, MD '73
1991 Mark Sobel, MD '75
  Idelle Weisman, MD '74
1992 Steven Itzkowitz, MD '79
1993 Charles Miller, MD '78
  Scott Friedman, MD '79
1994 Robert Friedland, MD '73
  Robert A. Phillips, MD, PhD '80
1995 Paul S. Teirstein, MD '80
1996 Steven P Roose, MD '74
1997 David M. Nathan, MD '75
1998 Stephen A. Kaplan, MD '82
1999 Maria L. Padilla, MD '75
2000 Richard G. Stock, MD '88
2001 Michael L. Marin, MD '84
2002 Jonathan S. Stamler, MD '85
2003 Robert S. Shapiro, MD '84
2004 Larry B. Goldstein, MD '81
2005 Naomi Corman Luban, MD '72
2006 Christopher P. Landrigan, MD '95
2007 Margaret M. McGovern, MD, PhD '86
2008 Eric Genden, MD '92
2009 - 2010 Alexander Kirschenbaum, MD '80
2011 Eleftheria Maratos-Flier, MD, '76
Goutham Narla, MD, PhD, '06
2012 Michael L. Brodman, MD '82
David G. Nichols, MD '77
2013 Gail J. Roboz, MD '94
2014 Larissa Nekhlyudov, MD, MPH, '95
2016  Theodore Christopher, MD, FACEP,  ISMMS, '81 
2017 Adam I. Levine, MD, MSSM '89,
 MSH '93

Mount Sinai Alumni Student Leadership Award

This award is presented to a medical school student who exhibits exemplary leadership in organizing class activities and spirit, as well as showing outstanding service to the Mount Sinai community.
Past Recipients:
1986 Stanley J. Spector
1987 Joseph A. Capra
1988 Edward A. Slosberg
1989 Warren H. Fong
1990 Michael C. Caldwell
1991 Diane Lucia Larosa
1992 Jules Feledy
1993 John Bucek
1994 Robert Madayag
1995 Marc Habert
1996 Diane Der Marderosian
1997 Lucy Guerra
1998 Steven Vetter
1999 Samara Wand
2000 Jeremy Abramson
2001 Jeremy Schiller
2002 Daniel Egan
2003 Neelofar K. Butt
2004 Bethany Slater
2005 Brian Lin
2006 Karina Gritsenko
2007 Megan McCarthy
2008 Gary Deutsch
2010 Thomas Hays
2011 Julia Pettersen 
2012 Nishant Goyal
2013 Rishi Kothari

Salina Bakshi

Marti E. Dembowitz


Ilana Ramer

  Carine Davila
2017 Ian B. Kwok, MD, ISMMS '17
  Alison P. Sanders, PhD


Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Alumni Awards

The Terry Ann Krulwich Physician-Scientist Alumni Award

This award is named in honor of Terry Ann Krulwich, PhD, beloved scientist, student champion, and founding director of the MD/PhD Program at Mount Sinai, recognizes the accomplishments of an outstanding Mount Sinai-trained physician or scientist. All graduates of Mount Sinai (including graduate school, medical school, residency, and fellowship, or post-doctoral alumni) are eligible to receive this award.
Past Recipients:
 2017             Mark E. Sobel, MD, PhD,  MSSM '75


The Mount Sinai Alumni Award for Achievement in Graduate Education

This award is given to a scientist who, since graduation from the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Mount Sinai, has made significant contributions as a teacher, investigator, and/or practitioner in their field.
Past Recipients:
2017          Joy S. Reidenberg, PhD, MSSM '88 

St. Luke's-Roosevelt Alumni Association Awards

St. Luke's-Roosevelt Distinguished Alumnus Award

Past Recipients:
2017          Farrokh Shahrivar, MD


St. Luke's-Roosevelt Distinguished Young Physician
of the Year

Past Recipients:
2017          Mirna Mohanraj, MD



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